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Universal Flooring solid engineered hardwood flooring is constructed from 3 layers wood plies that are glued together. It has wide range of species from temperate to tropical timers which applicable for the top layer. With more than 11 wood species, from temperate to tropical timbers. Available in Prime Grading which is sorted for uniformity or in Accent.


The structure illustrate the solid engineered hardwood flooring construction layers which inter--locking of the planks can come in the form of normal tongue & groove or the Uniclic profile and system.


Hevea 3 Strips


Maple 1 Strip


Merbau 3 Strips

White Oak 1 Strip


Walnut 3 Strips


Beech 1 Strip



Product Layout Structure



Product Specifications


  Specifications   1 and 3 strips
  Dimension   14 x 145 x 1820 (1 strip)
14 x 190 x 1820 (3 strips)
  Packaging   6 pcs / 17.05 sqft / pack (1 strips)
6 pcs / 22.33 sqft / pack (3 strips)
  Finishes   Anti Scratch UV Laquer
  Profile   Tongue & Groove & Uniclic

Nail Down or Floating with Metal Clips system


Installation Video